In the past, flat roofings were associated with leakages– if you had a flat roofing, you had to be prepared to perform regular upkeep, and probably pay for a full replacement every 10 years approximately. Yet Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP)– likewise known has fibreglass– has changed all that. Below’s just how.

  1. GRP is very sturdy.
    The normal life expectancy of a GRP roof covering is in extra of half a century– up to 5 times longer than felt roofing systems.
  2. GRP is totally water resistant.
    The material of selection for most boats and private yachts, GRP can stand up to sustained direct exposure to big quantities of water. As well as since a fibreglass roofing system is created from one solitary constant membrane layer, it’s totally sealed– unlike really felt or rubber roofing systems, there aren’t any kind of seams or joints for water to permeate.
  3. GRP roofing systems are wind immune
    When you patch a really felt roofing system, the chances are that ultimately the wind will certainly obtain under the spot as well as make the hole larger. In contrast, GRP roofing systems are totally adhered to the surface of the decking boards, so they’re really resistant to wind uplift.
  4. It needs minimal maintenance.
    Really felt roofing systems allow condensation to build up, which inevitably causes mold as well as rot. Therefore, a really felt roof will certainly typically call for patching. On the other hand, a fibreglass roof calls for really little caring for– simply routine cleaning with warm water as well as a soft brush to maintain it resembling new.
  5. Quick, easy and also safe to set up.
    A solitary domestic garage can be re-roofed with GRP in a day by 2 individuals; and also due to the fact that GRP roofings are cool laid, they do not require any kind of kind of heat treatment meaning minimal security threats throughout installment.
  6. Fibreglass is extremely adaptable
    As a liquid material, fibreglass can be molded to any type of location, so it can be utilized to create any shape of roofing system, or accommodate barriers such as roof lights, terraces or pathways. It’s also available in a vast array of colours as well as appearances, consisting of non-slip.

GRP has changed flat roofs. No more something to be reviled, flat roofings can currently be both resilient as well as attractive.

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