The fishing tools are the instrument made use of by fish farmers as well as fisher guys to harvest or catch fish in the ponds, lakes, rivers and seas when they develop. The angling tools typically made use of by farmers are:

Fishing spear and harpoons
Fishing trap or cages
Fishing hook
Fishing net
Electric stunning
Fishing spear: This is just one of the earlier devices utilized to catch fish. It is made of steels with sharp pointed head. It has a wooden manage. It is utilized to puncture via fishes in the fish pond or rivers.
Harpoons: This consists of a brief spear which is connected to a tape. It is mostly used to eliminate big fishes like whales.

Fishing trap or cages: Various types of trap are made by fish farmers from raffia palm, coconut leaves, bamboo or walking stick ropes. Baits such as bugs, planet worms, small fishes, red soap etc. can be utilized to attract the fish. The traps are built with broad mouth to enable fishes go into the cage.
Angling hooks: These are tiny steel instruments that are rounded and sharp. Angling devices are of two types.
Post and line hook: This include a hook, line made from twine and a pole. The hook is affixed to the line as well as the line tied to the post. Baits are affixed to the hook and after that tossed into the water. Any heavy compound like rock can be tied to the line to ensure that it will not float on top of water.POLE AND LINE HOOKclick.
The lengthy line hook: This consists of many hooks attached to the line and the line linked to a post each at both end of the stream. The fishes are captured when they want to swallow the lures affixed to the hook.LONG LINE HOOK
Fishing net: The fishing net is made from nylon with a suitable mesh size. There are different kinds of fishing net. These are cast internet, hand or scoop web and also drag net.
Cast internet: This is in some cases called the throw web as well as it is made use of to catch fishes in water
Hand or scoop internet: This is used to capture fish in pounds and also rivers. like various other net, it is made up of nylon with iron handle.

Drag web: This consists of a thick rope and a cork float on the surface with heavy items of lead at the bottom. It is accomplished by 4 fisher guys or even more. The net is dragged to the ground and the fishes are removed.

Fishing canoes: This is a fishing tools that is taken from timber or log with various sizes. From the canoes, the cast internet can be thrown into the water to capture fish. It is likewise utilized to transfer caught fish out of the water with the help of the paddle.
Baskets: The basket is made with walking cane rope or rachis of hand leaves. It is used to scoop via the water in order to capture fishes.
Electric stunning: This entails passing an electrical current right into the water which stuns the fish or makes it subconscious as it swims within the location. This approach of gathering fish is dangerous because it can result to loss of life if someone carelessly enters into the electrocuted. This method is utilized in industrialized countries like Britain, the U.S.A and so on.