An inquiry that I frequently obtain asked is can you earn a living playing poker in 2022. Actually since I initially became a pro more than 10 years ago even my very own friends and family have actually been asking me regarding this.

Well below is the short answer.

Yes, you can make a living playing poker in 2022. However, it is hard. You have to strive to be a winning gamer nowadays. You additionally have to be very disciplined. Nevertheless, for some individuals like me playing poker for a living allows a great deal of flexibility.

There are many different factors included with this question though. It depends upon your skill level, your work principles and your life situation. For some people making a living playing poker might be feasible. For others not.

So in this write-up I am going to attempt and address at last whether you can make a living playing poker on the web or live.

You Can Play Poker Properly Due To The Fact That it is a Game of Ability

I believe the first thing that needs to be resolved is that poker is indeed a video game of skill. As well as a result this means that if you play far better than a lot of your challengers, after that you will certainly win cash in the long run.

A lot of people however, most likely at least 3/4 of the populace, to this day still believe that poker is all betting as well as good luck. Besides it is frequently played in a casino with various other pure gambling games right?
This ignorance truly is a good thing total for us that take this game major.

I never ever say with someone that attempts to convince me that poker is all luck or that it is rigged somehow. It is my policy to simply agree with them as well as attempt to quickly change the subject.


Due to the fact that if they understood the reality, that poker actually is a skill game over time, then they may look for the genuine response as to why they are not winning. That is, they would realize that it is their bad understanding of the game that is holding them back.

The bottom line with poker is that indeed there is certainly a great deal of gambling as well as good luck associated with the brief run.

Nonetheless, in the long run (which is the only thing that matters for professionals) the small ability edges that we push daily amount to huge earnings. As well as this is why, yes, you can earn a living playing poker.

Many people have problem defeating also the really lowest limitations though.
Who Can Make a Living Playing Poker?

However that can actually play this video game expertly? Well anybody theoretically.

Yet in truth, points are a lot various. I live in Thailand where there is probably a bigger focus of individuals playing on the internet poker for a living than throughout the world. This has actually permitted me to meet countless expert on-line poker gamers.

I can inform you that 95%+ of them are young (20’s or 30’s) and they are generally solitary individuals. The factor that playing this video game expertly works for them is due to the fact that they have no dependents or needs on their time. Oh and also the price of living in several areas on the planet such as below in South East Asia is absurdly low.
Compare this to a person who is a bit older with a family members as well as kids as well as that lives someplace like in the US, Europe or Australia. Playing poker for a living is mosting likely to be far more hard in this circumstance due to the increased needs on your time and the much greater expense of living.

And also the time commitment is actually probably the larger issue of both. Amongst individuals who I recognize that play poker for a living, this is literally all they do.

I understand this from my very own experience too. We are soaked up in this game 24/7. You are constantly considering it on some degree and the majority of your friends will likely be other pros also.