Best Pillow Buying Guide| Sleep Experts Advice

Learn how to find the perfect pillow for your back, neck, and spine alignment. 

Best Pillow Buying Guide.

If you don’t have a good pillow that can keep your neck aligned with your spine, most of the time you will wake up, being cranky in the morning. To have a good nights sleep, it is important to have the right pillow that can help you sleep better in the night and thus make your mornings more beautiful and happy.
Pillows tend to lose their shape over time because of wear and tear they go through over a period of time. Thus, it becomes extremely important to replace them from time to time, so that you can have a pillow that can keep your spine and neck aligned. If not, you can face numerous problems including stiffness in your muscle, herniated discs, nerve pain, tendonitis and many more.
If you are looking to buy a new pillow, this guide provides you everything that you need to know, in order to buy the right pillow for your sleeping needs.

1. Time to Buy a New Pillow


There is an expiry date for everything in life and pillows are no different. With day to day, wear and tear on the pillows, they are bound to get out of shape. Always look out for any kind of sagging and lumps on your pillow. Pillows that get out of shape, cannot provide proper comfort to your neck and thus creates a lot of problems. If your pillow is out of shape, it is time to buy a new pillow.

2. Pillow Fills


Different kind of pillows comes with different kind of fills inside them. Being said that, the more common kind of pillow fills are synthetic fibers, foam and down feathers pillow. Synthetic pillows are cheaper in comparison to the other types of pillows, but they have the ability to provide comfort to your neck. The more expensive pillows are the down feather pillow, which is better in terms of comfort, as compared to synthetic pillows. Whereas, memory foam pillows are more firm. Also, make sure that the outer fabric of the pillow is tightly woven so that allergens are kept out and to keep the pillow fill inside.

3. Fluff Factor


The fluffier the pillow is, the better cushioning of the pillow will be. Fluffier pillows tend to last over a longer period of time. In addition to this, being fluffy means that more air can pass through it. If the pillow is deflated, it means no air can pass through it and thus it is not good for your comfort. If you are willing to test the fluffiness of your pillow, fold it in half and see if it can get back to its natural shape. If not, it is time to get a new pillow.

4. Sleep Position


Depending upon your sleeping position will determine the kind of pillow you need. If you sleep on the side, look for thicker pillows. If you sleep on your stomach, the thinner will provide better comfort

5. Care of Pillow

Before you commit yourself to any kind of pillow, look at the label that provides information on the kind of wash required for the pillow. If you can do that, then only buy it. Washing your pillow is an important aspect, to ensure that it can last for a longer period of time. Most of the pillows are machine washable, however, some of them are only dry cleaning. 
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