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Learn how to find the best mattress for bad backs in 2019 with our expert mattress advice.

What’s The Best Mattress For A Bad Back

Chronic back pain is one of the hardest medical conditions to treat and cure. It remains to be one of the most commonly found medical conditions affecting millions of people around the world each dayAnd for these reasons, over and over again, people suffering from chronic back pain search the ends of the world to find the best mattress. A mattress which can provide them a little relief. The topic of ‘best mattress for back pain’ remains to be hotly contested for many years now. However, sleep professionals and have suggested that specific types of mattress are better than others for back support and pain management.


Chronic Back Pain and Mattresses

The majority of people suffering from back pain have reported it to be caused by occupational strain, some type of injury, and bad sleeping. Yes, many daytime habits can help to reduce back pain, but your time in bed is equallyimportant. While sleeping, the human body gradually releases pressure from the vertebrae. This happens because the person is sleeping and not standing. Thus, the upper body portion is not applying pressure to the spinal cord.
Choosing a comfortable mattress which supports your back yields several benefits. These include easing soreness and pain, facilitating better rest, preventing new aches and reducing pain severity.

Best Mattress for Back Pain

1. Miami Mattress
The Miami is an orthopaedic bonnel sprung mattress. It is a firm mattressgreat mattress for the back support because it offers an increased number of spring units, giving it the ability to react and conform  to the individual contours of your body. 


The Miami mattress is an orthopaedic bonnel sprung mattress. Gives great firmness and back support. It gives great back support because of its firmness. But also has a comfortness to it that gives extra luxury. The mattress is a double sides mattress so you can flip this mattress over.

The Miami mattress is tradition at its best. The Miami offers an increased number of spring units which means higher ability to react and conform to the individual contours of your body. The skin friendly soft covers creates a unique and antibacterial sleeping surface.

Amerisleep AS2 makes use of high-quality, firm memory foam which conforms to the person’s spines natural curves and keeps the human body properly aligned during the time of sleepThe Amerisleep AS2 uses HIVE Technology that has clinically proven to reduce pressure points up to 49%2.
2. Simmons Beautyrest Legend Preston 17″ Luxury Firm Pillow Top
Though the Simmons Beautyrest Legend does not make use of advanced technology that Amerisleep has, it certainly offers a hybrid mattress which combines memory foam, micro coils, pillow top, and latex. We recommend Amerisleep AS2 over Simmons Beautyrest Legend.


What is special about memory foam?

Spring mattresses are plank-like and flat. Springs cause an uneven sleeping surface, which forces the person’s spine to arch and the inner knee to be unsupportiveBecause of this, the lower back is prevented from decompressing leading to a host of back strains and pains.
On the other hand, memory foam and latex are better choices in comparison to spring mattresses. Memory foam tends to perform well and does not force the spine to arch and curve as you sleep through the night. Moreover, these sleeping surfaces provide the much needed cushioning to shoulders and hips and the lower back is fullysupported providing the ability to relax well.

Is memory foam too hot for the body?

Memory foam remains to be one of the few surfaces which can fully conform to the body’s natural curve and provide the support where it is needed. Yes, memory foam can leave you a bit warm, but it is not the case with all types of memory foam. Those made from synthetic materials like polyurethane traps heat. However, the one made from natural plant-based materials like soybeans is much comfortable and cooler.
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